Indian Summer Film 2014 with Cate Blanchett

Indian Summer Movie 2014 with Cate BlanchettThe story in Indian Summer 2014 film takes place during the final of the British Empire, during the bloody and agitated period. Lady Edwina Mountbatten Blanchett will be the wife of the viceroy of India. She helps her husband in the operation of the power give up to a local leader, Jawaharlal Nehru. But things did not go very well, and the country sank into a period of unprecedented violence and chaos. Blanchett's role fits, as Edwina was a clever and intelligent woman, who has helped stabilize India in 50 years. Indian Summer 2014 film will be directed by Joe Wright (The Soloist, Atonement).

Also Cate Blanchett is going to play in Joe Wright's film, Indian Summer, in the role of Edwina Mountbatten, who is said to have had an affair with Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

But the actress still "going" to play for a while, the movie apparently did not want to, not shown, and that's it. The first obstacle it has faced a film came from the Indian government, which demanded the revision of the script and delete any items that would be of Nehru in a bad light.

After they had passed the test of censorship, the filmmakers have been hit by financial problems. Indian Summer is likely to swallow about 40 million dollars, which does not look good over the oceans, where money no longer grows on fences. So at this point, nobody knows what will happen with film.

It is clear that it will rethink its budget, but when they start filming?

Indian Summer 2014 MovieIt seems that there will be Indian Summer movie in 2014. What do we know now about Indian Summer 2014 movie is that Joe Wright is a person that every day becoming more interesting, proving that there is a good traffic through screenings successful novels such as Atonement and Pride and Prejudice. If we take into consideration the drama The Soloist, which will appear in April 24 and is inspiredreal events , we just have to be convinced that any movie would choose to do after The Soloist will definitely be more than mediocre .

Thus, only less than 2 months to launch latest movie, Joe Wright has already chosen the next movie that he will do, and I'm not surprised at all that this project is based on the novel written by Alex von Tunzelmann called Indian Summer. Clearly, the type I like movies inspired by books, and as long as it knows it has the green light.

Indian Summer 2014 movie will be produced for Working Title and Universal Pictures and the screenplay will be written by William Nicholson, who nine years ago contributed to the screenplay for Gladiator.

Currently the cast was set, but the fact is that filming will begin early next year in India.
"After I finished The Soloist in LA, we tried to do something about the British experience" Wright told the Daily News.

Indian Summer new movie will focus on the last days of British colonial rule in India. Action will focus on fatal events that occur when the British Lord Mountbatten with his wife, Edwina are sent to the Prime Minister of India, Nehru Jawharlal to oversee the takeover of power in the summer of 1947. Indian Summer 2014 movie is the director's fourth collaboration with Working Title and is the first project signed a contract for two films with Universal and Working Title.

Indian Summer 2014 trailer will be here as soon as possible.